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Sunday, December 11, 2011

(2) Weekly Update 11-27 through 12-11-11 {Sunday Best}

(Because I posted so dang much, if you want to see all of this and last week, at the bottom of this page you will have to click "older posts")

Last week we had the pleasure of having the Missionaries and some friends over for dinner so I didn't have time to blog. I contemplated doing it through the week, but I have a personal goal to only blog once a week and to keep it at a minimum. Of course since I missed last week that meant more time this week, but I tried....as much as there are WAY too many pictures that I posted this week, to keep it down. Either way though...it's me! So it will always be picture overload! But then again if you are looking at my blog it's probably because you enjoy that overload...so look on and enjoy!

Here is last weeks Sunday Best. Oh my baby girl. She is too cute


This Week! As always Jayden is is giving us some personality. Notice my boys haircuts? I love them with their hair freshly cut! I mean...I love them always, but especially after cuts!


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Herways in Brussels said...

Wow. Great pictures. Super pictures.....super cute kids!