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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Week Update 8-28 through 9-3

Right now I'm listening to the Tab Choir (The spirit of God) and I wish I were just sitting here listening rather than blogging. I LOVE this music and it so relaxes me and fills me with such hope!

But...I have a to do list so relaxing will have to wait. Still the music uplifts me and I'm grateful for it!

It was a wonderful Sunday. I got to teach a primary class! It was really fun, but was wierd not being there NOT as primary president! I gave a little thank you to the teachers and to all my kiddos and had my opportunity to tell them I love them!

I'm including the picture of the Frame I made for the teachers, and for the kids I made a little published picture book of all the kdis from the past three years while I've been president. They loved them!


Otherwise I don't have much to tell from this week, or show! I of course wanted to add a picture of something in this post so I went back to a past random year to post a picture from the first week of Sept...however many years ago. The ironic thing is it happened to be the week that Brent and Shalamar were married. What's crazy about that is in those pictures Maliyah is wearing the dress that I happened to put on SAvannah for church today! She looked adorable! Here are a few pictures from that wonderful time.



Shal these last two are for you!



Brent and Shalamar I'm so glad you two found eachother. You are absolutely adorable, I love your cute little family more than you will ever know!


Of course I didn't take a picture of Savs today, but maybe one day this week I'll put her in it and take a picture.

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Brent and Shalamar said...

Just made me ball! Thanks :-) You're so sweet for thinking of us this week. I'm so grateful for Brent and the wonderful man that he is. I'm also so grateful for his family. You guys have been such a blessing in my life and I know I wouldn't be the person I am today without each of your examples! I love you guys so much!