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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Weekly Update 8-7 through 8-13-11

It was great this week to not have a billion things planned and to actually just have fun with the kids and try to get some things done around here. I still unfortunately didn't seem to barely make a dent in my to do list (Emma must have just known I wanted to hold her all day every day ;)), but it was still a good week nonetheless. (minus all the sleep I missed out on).

Tuesday night Duck and I actually got to go out on a date early in the week! We went to dinner with our good friends Kimberly and Joey Price. I took their family pictures a month ago and this was a thank you dinner! It was a beautiful evening, we ate out on the Patio of the restaurant and were there for 2 hours! Thats how enjoyable it was! I could have probably sat there 2 more hours. I love summer evenings! Thanks Price's for the night out!

Thursday I took the kids to the YMCA for their water play day. I was sad to have not taken pictures because the kids were having a blast! I want them to have the memories that mom actually DID occasionally take them somewhere fun!

Thursday night we had our softball game (we didn't do too terrible and it was fun!) and then I left early to go to Relief Society. It was an ice cream social in a sisters backyard and again, a beautiful summer night! I could have sat there talking with my ward sisters for hours! Thanks for those who planned that one!

The rest of the week is pictured below! Enjoy!

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