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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Weekly Update 3-6 through 3-20-11

Oh heavens I missed blogging another week...which just means more pictures this week! But I guess if all I ever get behind is two weeks that's not too bad considering my goal is only to blog once a week!

We have had LOTS going on over the past two weeks. Good things! We have had fun with school projects, holiday events and baby shower planning! Luckily it hasn't really been stressful, we have tried to keep things easy so I'm not too overworked...but I kinda pushed it this week. I guess you can read more about that in the baby shower post below!

I am less than 3 weeks now until due date and I'm getting anxious! It's hard because I want her here now, but at the same time I want her to wait at least just one more week so I can get a few more things done! Of course it's completely out of my hands and we'll find out when it happens!

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Brook said...

Good luck in the next few weeks! I can't believe all that you do, you are a supermom!!