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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Update 1-30 through 2-6-11

We have had a little bit of the cold stuff going around this week, but it didn't slow us down! (unfortunately though because I could have totally handled a few extra naps!)

I am past 30 weeks and countin' down now. Less than 10 weeks....I can't wait! We still have yet to come up with a name, but are finally coming up with a few names we like. I"m SO totally anxious to see what this bugger will look like! I got the crib corner in my room all cleaned up and crib all ready for a new born. I'm sure I'll want to use that crib again for Savannah before that time...good thing it's really easily adjustable....but it's fun to see a crib with the matress up high and all cute with matchy blanket and pillows and bumber pad! I'm still looking for a white canopy though so if anybody see's a good deal....let me know!!

Saturday we had the opportunity to go up to Medford and attend the temple. Thanks for good friends who are willing to help swap kids! We went first and while the other couple attended we had the kiddos. There is a playland at the mall so we thought it would be fun to go there. Well within 5 minutes the three older kids (Maliyah, Kyson and our friends 6 year old) got kicked out because they were too tall! So we had over 2 hours to kill at the mall with 6 kids. We had fun, but definitely got a little bored after the 2 hours! It was so worth it though!

Saturday night was date night...we didn't get a sitter this week, but enjoyed a red box movie and just alone time together! I LOVE date night...I look forward to it all week, but I do wish we could do a babysitter each time. Someday though...kids will be old enough and that will happen!

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Grandpa Duck said...

Baby sitting is what grandparents are for... bring them on over and we will all watch football and play sports together...
Grandpa Duck