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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Weekly Update 1-9 through 1-16-11

This has been a BUUSSY week! Unfortunately not all filled with fun stuff either. Lots of just meetings, work to be done and lots of going places. What was fun was our new segment this week for school


The kids had never really been into dinosaurs before but the past two months they have really been interested. Partly due to a new TV show I think on Disney called Dino Dan. I really like it but the kids LOVE it! So we moved up our dinosaur week to be this week. Last Friday we went to the LIbrary and loaded up on Dinosaur books. I found a bunch of crafts and activities online and already had a few things from the dollar store that I had found months ago. Although in the end we didn't have time to do it all, the kids really loved just reading about and learning more about dinosaurs!

Maliyah also started Dance. I hope it works out as the class is really full and the teacher isn't sure if Maliyah can stay in that class, but she had proved herself a good swimmer and deserved a little something for fun now! She has a friend in the class which will make it even more fun for her!

This week the kids also started PE again at the elementary school. Kyson was SO excited (well they both were) and can't wait to go again! It's just twice a week for 20 minutes, but they have a lot of friends in the class from music class, church and other things so it makes it really fun for them! I'm glad that it has worked out this semester.

Amongst my busyness I decided I needed a little break. I heard Old Navy was having their sale this weekend and although I wasn't sure if I had time to make it to Medford, I knew if I did soon it would be beneficial. I'm sure 99% reading this already know this, but for that other 1% I always buy my kids clothes the season before when they go on clearance. I have saved a TON of money this way! I get clothes at thriftstore prices, but they are brand new! Since moving to Klamath it's been a little harder since my options for shopping are wal-mart and Fred Meyer. So after getting a hold of a few friends that were willing to join me, we dropped everythign Saturday afternoon and headed up to Medford! It was a much needed break, time with adults, and very successful shopping trip! I was able to pretty much get everything I need for Maliyah and Kyson. And then of course the rest get all the handme downs! Actually I got a few things for the other three too, but I mostly just cover the two oldest and then I'm covered. I was very happy to have saved myself so much time and money and to get it all done in one shopping trip! Then of course we enjoyed a relaxing dinner at Red Robin. I also just enjoyed the time talking in the car! Thanks Jamie and Amy...that was the best!

Today I had the opportunity to speak in sacrament meeting. The topic I was given was Hope. I don't really care for the time and work that goes into preparing for lessons/talks/sharing times or whatever, but I'm always so grateful for the lessons I learn while preparing and how much more it helps my strength and testimony. I hope I can always work on strengthening my faith and hope so that it can show in my every day life. That I can show my hope brightly to those around me because..."there is hope smiling brightly before me!"

Lastly I am helping create some plaques for our Activity Days. I always use so many downloads and ideas from others online that once in awhile I feel like I need to share with others what I have created! These are the certificates that we made for the girls. I filled in the names and goals of course on the computer, but you could easily just print them as is and write them in. To download click on the picture. It will open in photobucket and if you hover your curser over the picture, then some options (one to download) will appear in the upper left corner of the image). They are high resolution so they may not even show up on the page here...but click on it and hopefully you will be taken to photobucket!





Brook said...

Your family is so cute and you are so busy!! I don't know how you do it all and your kid look so cute and put together! Love you lots and we'd love to see you sometime!!

Anonymous said...


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