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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Update Weeks 10-1 through 10-17-10

I didn't end up posting last week becuase well I felt like crap. Just before going to the coast I had come down with something (I'm sure just a cold although it seemed so much more!) and after a weekend of being sick on the coast, although it was still fun, I was just wiped and I took Sunday afternoon off! I feel i'm still recovering from being sick, but it could jsut still be pregnancy sick and tired that I'm dealing with. I'm about 15 weeks so hopefully in the next few weeks I'll start feeling better and get a little energy back.

So you get two weeks at once, but at least it's not 7 like last time! And sorry about any pictures that were unviewable last time. It looks like explorer is starting to not like my larger file pictures. I downsized them more this time so they should open up. If not they work in firefox. And if you don't have firefox and wanted to see any from last time, I posted some of them on my facebook page.

I think that's it...enjoy reading and I hope these posts today find you all well.

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Herways in Brussels said...

So I like the transparent tape faces! Go crazy!!!