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Sunday, March 14, 2010

UPdate 3-7 through 3-14

Amazingly this week I am not posting ANY new pictures! With my camera having issues, it's put away and I just haven't thought much to take pictures. I did take a few with my old camera, but it's so few I'll just wait until next week as I have not planned in blogging time today!

We had a great week, got a lot done, went all over, had teeth cleaned, had meetings, appointments, birthday parties and busiest of all this weekend was working on my mom's photography blog. I also realized what a pain my posts were last time.I have no idea why it wasn't working very well, but most of all I had posted Savannah's 7 month pictures and even though i'm already wanting to go back and re-edit them to fix the coloring, I still want any who missed them to see them and hear about this terrific store that we took them at! So with that being said I have to pictures, and two links. One picture will be a link to my mom's photography blog (which hopefully I'll be done working on tomorrow) and the other is a link to the post with Savannah's 7 month pictures.

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