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Sunday, March 21, 2010

St Patricks Day? What?

So, this is so pathetic, but I have really hardly ANY pictures of St Patricks. Actually we did things a littl different this week. Since we had a preschool party scheuled for the day after ST Paddy's (that spelling is for you pauline), we didn't really do anything ON the day of other than wear some green. I know, totally lame and not typical of me, but it's been an insane week! Not to mention we did the Mardi Gras Stuff on Wednesday instead and I wasn't about to combine the two.

But even worse is that at the preschool party I took only 4 pictures before my camera died and none of them really turned out! I was so sad, especially cause I had quickly worked ot make a skirt for Maliyah to match Savannah's.

Photobucket Photobucket

And we did make Rainbow Cupcakes for the Preschool party. They were really cool to make and with the extra batter we made a couple mini cakes. The cakes were better only because with using more batter there was more color and they just were awesome! I saw these over a year ago on someones blog, but then saw them again this year on the family fun website....SO dang cool! The only thing I did different with mine was mix the color into the batter in ziplock baggies so that all I had to do was cut a little hole in the bag to squeeze out into the pan. Much faster than spooning it, BUT....mixing in the bag took longer than I thought, so next time I would mix each color in bowls then put into a bag and squeeze out. Either way the kids enjoyed helping me make them. I also wouldn't recommend mini cupcakes like we did because in order to use all the colors it ended up being too much batter and so the tops fell...making them look like mushrooms!



and I almost forgot about this picture. Jayden holding his rainbow! My friend Bethany threw the preschool party and for one of the activities she hid foam rectangles all over the room. The kids had to come and find the pieces and organize the colors on the floor to make a rainbow. It was really a fun idea!


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