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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Guppy Guppy Guppy!

This week was spring break and even though that doesn't have to specifically affect us, I took advantage and used the time off school to work on packing. But to give us something fun to do each day we did the week swim lessons the Y offered. It was only $10.00 for 4 1/2 hour lessons. This was Maliyah's 3rd time doing it, but Kyson's first and he did great! I was a little worried that he might get scared, but luckly he had a friend from church and our music classes in his class and I think that helped both of them out! We even signed up for the next session at the same time so they could continue to help each other out!

Both kids did a great job and are excited for the next round!


I kept Jayden in the child watch so he wouldn't get too bored, but Savannah had to hang out with me. Actually I could have put her in with Jayden as well, but it was a perfect time for me to feed her....so saved myself a few minutes!


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