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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Week Upate 3-21 through 3-28-10

Oh my gosh! Only 5 more days until we move! And in case anybody missed it....we are currently renting from a couple who have been mission presidents in Peru. They get back this summer. The apartment we wanted was available now so we are moving. It's still in the same ward, just about 1 mile away, so not a huge move....but ANY move is a huge amount of work. Especially when you are going from a 3,000 sq ft house to an 1100 sq ft apartment! I look forward to it once we are settled in, but downsizing is fuuuuun!

I have some great friends though who have helped watch the kids this week and that's made a great difference! While we are home I have been packing and that's pretty boring for the kids so it was fun for them to play at some friends homes. Also when they are here they want to HELP pack. Which then makes it really difficult and take about 10 x's longer. I just don't have time for that. I love their help with some things, but when we are on a time crunch I would rather get my packing done then spend our time doing fun things! (that don't try my patience as much!)

Thanks again to those who have helped this week. A couple more weeks of disarray and hopefully we will be back to some sort of a schedule!

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Rachel said...

Good luck with the move!

I don't know you but saw that your name is Duckworth and had to comment! That's my maiden name!

Have a great day!