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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Update 1-17 through 1-24-10

I don't have a ton of pictures from various events this week so I just plugged it all into one post and then will brief you on the rest of the week! It wasn't too crazy which I LOVED! Life still stays busy, but I loved that it could be busy without being too crazy.

Last Sunday we had a family move into our ward and we had them over for Dinner. They have 6 boys ages 2-11. And I have to say, especially after having them in our home, seeing them at scouts, and in primary, they are so sweet! I'm so glad to have them here! Of course while they were over we played Don't Eat Pete!

Monday there wasn't any school so I put off some of my chores so we could spend some time doing fun things with mom. WEll the day didn't quite go as planned. The kids REALLY didn't cooperate and unfortunately spent half the day in quiet time! Bummer

Tuesday was probably my one crazy day as I had classes, my assistant/babysitter couldn't be there, and I had a scout meeting immediately following, but really it wasn't a bad day and we had fun in class that day! I love Teaching and we have some cute songs we are learning. I think my fav that day was Do, Re, Mi. I"m teaching it to the older class. They caught on really quickly and it was sounding really good already!

OH! One thing we started this week is Maliyah and I are reading our first book. I emphasize book because it's our first real book without pictures and with chapters! My mom gave it to us for Christmas and finally I remembered to get started. Although the reading is difficult for a Kindergartner to understand, overall she understands and the chapters are short so...yay! The first night after finishing the first chapter she BEGGED to do another. I was so happy she loved it I didn't mind continuing! We are onto chapter 5 tonight and I really look forward to that time we get together every night!

Thursday night was our Late night that you will read in the post below, but I have to mention something Ky said on Thursday. We were on our way to his Fieldtrip (I forgot my camera but am getting pics from a friend and will post later), and we were listening to the Primary CD we handed out the beginning of the year. Kyson doesn't really pay attention in primary. At least during Sharing time. I am there and he usually is just whiney, NEVER singing, or totally distracted. (I'm happy to get reports that he is good in his class though!) As the CD was playing Follow The Prophet started playing and he got all excited. 'Hey Mom! this is the song from Primary!' Yes it is! 'Sister Wood teached us this song!' And then he sang his little heart out!

I was so happy to know that not only was he paying attention, but that he recognized Sister Wood had teached it to him! He NEVER calls people by brother and sister (I don't know why because we always do) but instead refers to them as moms or dads. Like emily's mom. So I was happy he called her sister wood.

Okay, I gotta quickly end this...baby is crying, but Friday night we had fun playing at friends house and then the best day of the week....Saturday we got to go to the Temple! We did a swap with some friends. WE all drove up super early Saturdya morning and while Duck and I attended our friends took the kids to McDonalds for Breakfast, then while our friends attended we took teh kids all to the mall. It worked out SO fantastic and we were both really thrilled for the situation and it went well so that we can do it again!

I hope that you all reading this are great and happy and doing well! Our prayers are out there for specific friends and family in need. I also look forward to our next visit to Utah coming up soon!

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