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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Late Nights and of course...Don't EAT Pete!

I took this picture when we had a few minutes between dropping off Maliyah to school and taking Ky to Preschool. I told Jayden to take care of Savannah for me and I stuck them in front of the TV( I know I'm a great mom). Then I tried to get his attention and he would NOT look at me for anything!

This is a Diaper Cake I made for a lady in the Ward. They had a baby boy in December and I was trying to put this together without spending any money (minus the diapers). Lucky I still had some camo fabric (about the ONLY boy fabric I have in my house!) leftover from Christmas. I hope they like Camo!

I finally got up to taking a picture of our Stockings before we put them away. It's the first year I have had all finished and haning at one time! WE made this board for Super Saturday and although it will only be big enough for one more child it was worth it! Looked super cute on my wall. The Vinyl says 'The Stockings were hung By The Chimney With Care'. Then I used different knobs to hang the stockings from. Easy, cheap and way cute!

This year our kids were old enough to start asking about sleepovers and Duck and I had to make a quick decision if that was something we were going to allow. WE chose not to, but when I was growing up we had late nights instead so we introduced the idea to the kids. Of course since then they have begging for a late night! There was no school on Friday and my days weren't crazy so it was the perfect time. Maliyah invited her friend Teagan from school and Kyson invited TEagans brother! Actually Kyson didnt' know who to have over. Most of his friends his age are girls and I didn't want him getting into the habit of inviting girls over for late nights, so to start things off right we tried to think about a 'boy' friend. Well lucky for us TEagan has a brother Kysons age and it worked out perfect!

I asked Maliyah what activities we would like to do and the agenda she chose:

Baking Cookies,
Playing Games,
Making a craft

So to start off the night we began with

Baking Cookies


then while the cookies were baking...onto

Making a Craft!

Teagan is Maliyah's favorite friend from school and they had so much fun together!
For our craft we decided that each child could make their OWN don't eat Pete game boards.
We started out cutting 12 shapes for each child from the cricut. (gotta love that machine!)
Of course we used different paper for the girls and boys to clearly indicate whom they were for!

then they each glued their shapes on an 8.5 x 11 cardstock and then I used clear contact paper on front and back to protect them.

Then of course we played Don't Eat Pete! (I SERIOUSLY LOVE that GAME!!)(and go to that link if you want to download a copy of the board I created)

We drew a grid on the paper beforehand as well, I forgot to mention that part.

another game we played was Don't Break the Ice. Some friends gave it to us For Christmas and it was our first time to play it. Kyson LOVED it!

Poor Mr. Bear

After we finished those activities Maliyah really wanted to read this book we had. I found it earlier that day in my closet and couldn't even remember where it had come from! I'm guessing my mom had given it to me to give to Maliyah on her birthday and we just forgot. So sorry to whomever gave it to us...she loves it!

But this book...wasn't necessarily a reading book. It was a ballerina dancing book! It came with a CD then each page tells a brief synopsis of the story (Swan Lake for example) then has 6-8 steps to dance. All four kids participated initially, but then while the boys watched a movie the girls got to dress up and dance more! We plugged in the music and they went to town. It is SERIOUSLY the cutest book and they had so much fun dancing! I had fun reading to them the steps they were to do!

And of course we had to bust out the Hula Hoops

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Heidi said...

so much fun I love the idea of a late night instead of sleep overs. You are so creative. So is Maliyah still going to school??