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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Savannh is 6 months!

I know, it's always the story, but we never can believe how fast time flies and before you know it, your newborn is 6 months old, then 5, then 15...then I'm sure the day she has her newborn has just come all too quick. I'm trying really hard to make sure I spend plenty of time with my kids so I have lots to remember!

Savannah is about the cutest thing ever. Looks just like her sister did as a baby, and she is so good! This poor gal has had a cold 4 months out of her six months of life and yet she is still probably the easiest and happiest baby I have had yet.
She is starting to sit up a bit,
still LOVES her little toesies,
drools like there is no tomorrow,
has a pointy tongue that is out of her mouth always,
smiles at everyone,
is So stinkin ticklish,
nearly sleeps through the night,
takes about 3 great naps a day,
is as big as her sister was at a YEAR,
and is starting to give me those open mouth I'm going to eat you up kisses.



Tiffany | Making the World Cuter said...

those are fantastic! Nice work! :)

Shalamar said...

Okay so Savannah's Valentine pictures....I LOVE THEM!! You didn't say where you went...Hello, I need details. I'm having my friend in my ward take Ayden's 4 year pics on saturday and I'll probably throw Olivia in there for some bro/sis shots! She has her own little studio in her basement, i'm excited. Anyway, I'm glad you decided to homeschool Mayliah. I know it was the right decision for you guys. It'll be fun and you'll be able to handle it well. Brent hated homeschooling so I'm sure he'll get to experience what public schooling is like through our kids. Anyway, I love ya and how all is well. BTW, I love the pictures of Ky and Jayden in the snow. I miss your kids... :( Oh well, I'll see you soon. Love ya.

Hunsaker said...

did you take those on your table by yourself? I am lovin it! wait'a go! can't wait to see you in 2 1/2 week!

The Duckworth Family said...

Yes Janine and Shal I did just do these on my table! But not by myself, Duck was helping ot make sure baby didn't fall off the table except he did miss her during one fall while she was sitting, she isn't very good at sitting yet and she bonked her head. Poor baby! The great part too is I hardly had to do ANY editing at all! All the color came out as is and backgrounds and everything. Whew! Glad they are over with.

Heidi said...

Those are sooo cute!!! Great work!! I love the Valentines pics.