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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Update from...forever! I think 12-20 through 1-18-10

It has been awhile since I have posted, but I have to give myself a break. I didn't even get an a computer at ALL while on our trip, and I only missed posting last Sunday since being back and I have to say it's not because I didn't make an effort. I spent 3 hours Editing! and didn't get it all done (we took a LOT of pictures on our trip) and then spend 3 more this week to complete all the pictures to be posted. I think just from sledding my mom took over 500 pictures. And although I don't even use 1/5 of them...I still have to go through and find the good ones (actually they were ALL really good), but then on top of that other photo shoots and that makes for a LOT of pictures to go through! (is that enough justification?)

Either way I'm caught up now, happy to be done and ready to not blog for another week!

We had a really wonderful trip to Utah. It was a little crazy getting outta here, and a lot crazy when we got back. We had some wild moments, some precious moments, lots of party moments, some sick moments, very wet moments....overall just wonderful moments! Thank you to all our family for allowing us to invade your homes and lives. We love you all!!

For a quick update of this week since I didn't take one picture (I think I was pictured out from the trip). After a very busy weekend from our return (primary stuff up the wazoo!) I was grateful for thing to slow down a tiny bit! Nothing significant happened that I feel I need to share, but for any one interested, my brother won that contest at his work! Well his numbers were highest they will confirm the winner tomorrow. I made some serious decisions about Maliyah's schooling which once details are figured out I will share. Then we started planning our trip to Disney land! It might be our last chance for a long time so I'm very excited that we probably can make it happen! Thank you tax returns!

I also had to plan the next 6 months for me because I realized I was going out of town pretty much every month! It was going to be crazy and I couldn't be a crazy person so I had to plan it all out. It was a little overwhelming to finish and see how busy I already was, and this wasn't including other little things that always pop up day to day. I know I can do it, but organization is definitely the key!

Alright, enough talking...let's get on to what you all want to see and what most have already skipped all this and scrolled down to see...pictures!

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Herways Go West said...

I didn't scroll down. Read the whole explanation and loved it. You do a lot of good Camille, keep up the good work....and I'm glad Nathan won. Hard fight and well, yea!