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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Weekly Update 11-29 through 12-06-09

As always, I'm behind, it's late, I need to be done, so this will be short, but it was a good week! Busy as always, but good things happened. Other things not so good happened, but I'm try to be positive and count my blessings so we'll focus positively! ;)

The only thing I can think about that I don't already have pictures for that I wanted to mention was our Thursday night Primary crafting night. Actually I can take pictures of what we made later and post next week. But....we made our spotlight gifts to the kids for next year. We made little hanging plaques with a picture of Christ on it, since the theme next year is about the SAvior. They really turned out beautifully! Then we also put together Christmas Cookies in a Jar for the primary to donate with the Ward this Christmas. The kids have been earning penny's through the year by bringing and using their scriptures at church and with that money we are doing the jars, then each child gets to make a card to go with these jars. They turned out really cute, but most of the work Thursday night were the plaques. I'll for sure take a picture for next week! Maybe I should post the idea on sugar doodle as well....hmmmmaybe I should do that soon?

It's fun to have the Holidays here and I'm so grateful for all that I have. This time of year often you seem to notice many things you don't have (money for instance), but I have been spending time reading from the church magazines and am inspired by the talks and stories, and come away from reading them so grateful for my blessings and anxious to do good!

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Ashley said...

Such cute pictures!! How do you get your kids to be so good, mine love having their picture taken until I actually WANT to take their picture, then all the sudden they're not in the mood. Maliyah's birthday looked so fun; You sure know how to throw a good party!