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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Week update 12-6 through 12-13-09

Of course this time of year brings holiday parties, activities and events that add to the business, but it's been fun. Maliyah had hand foot and mouth disease this week so she was out of school most of the week. She only FELT sick about 4 hours out of the whole week, but until her blisters healed she had to stay home. I have to admit, I loved having her! I was sad for her because she loves school, but I have been able to really work with her attitude, and then to have her help has been great and fun! She loves helping me with things so it's really been fun to have her around. I look forward to Christmas break!

I feel we have had a fairly productive week. Never do I get as much done as I would like, but I"m feeling good about our accomplishments this week. Now this next week is when we REALLY have a lot going on, so let's hope I can keep up!

We had our Ward Conference today in church. Wonderful meeting, very inspiring talks, but what I loved mostly was the ability to meet personally with my stake leaders to talk about what I can do better as Primary President. They are so great, have great insight and make me feel wonderful! I'm so grateful for the learning experiences I have had in Primary and hope that I can be a MUCH better, much more organized Primary President!

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Ashley said...

What helpful kids you have! That is so cute of Jade and the baby in the tub.
I wanted to ask you from a while back; how did you learn how to crochet the hats? Was it pretty easy to pick up or kind of a pain?