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Sunday, November 15, 2009


Last night we had Jaydens Farm Party and it was a blast! Good thing it went well after so much work to make it happen! It seriously had just been an insane weekend trying to pull things together after so much neglect during Potty Training, I didn't think it would all work out, but it did, I'm glad it's over and most important Jayden had a good time!

Now, after all has been shown, I just have to say I love that kid. Jayden is such a funny boy, so sweet and sooooo cuddley! I love holding and squeezing and kissing that boy! He is always making silly sounds, growling, smiling, laughing, jumping, climbing, hugging, kissing, and last but not least EATING! I cant' belive he is 2. He was such an adorable perfect baby and now he is my adorable perfect toddler! I love you Jade!


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Hunsaker said...

you make me freaking SICK! you didn't decorate much for that partY? camille, you always out do yourself, and i just wish i had your talent and your mind set and veiw of things! holy Cow (lol) what a party! i'm sad we weren't there! sure love ya!