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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Update 11-1 through 11-8-09

POtTY tRaINinG!!! What else can I say? Although not busy and exhausting like usual....boring and exhausting instead! Honestly I didn't realize how tired and exhausted I would be at the end of the day from sitting and reading, doing puzzles, watching movies and coloring all day. I would fall asleep during everything!

Finally on the day that I had the energy to do a workout during naps, it then gave me the burst of energy to get cleaning done (luckily kids slept well too) and I felt sooooo good that day! It's been really hard to ignore things like the dishes, laundry, bathrooms and every other of the million thigns I could do instead of sitting around following a two year old, but I think I have done a pretty good job waiting knowing they will eventually get done!

The only thing that happened this week that I didn't really write about was our date night on Friday. A gal in the ward had arranged a ward game/date night. We couldn't stay really long and we had to get there after Jade was in bed, but I"m SO glad we went. It was really super fun and I loved being out with DUCK! I hope we can arrange those more often.

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Lucie said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog (don't quite have the swing of things yet but it's coming). You're ALWAYS up to such amazing things. Isn't it wonderful being a Full-Time MOM? Keep up the GREAT work! And thanks for keeping in touch via blogging. =-]
xo Lucie