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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Weekly Update 10-18 through 10-25-09

Ya know those days when you are so busy all day long, that night time finally arrives and you take a huge sigh, a big breath and realized that you barely noticed another day has passed because you were too busy to notice? Well, that's been my week! Next week may be the same, but then I'm totally looking forward to something I thought I would dread....potty training.

When I potty train, I schedule pretty much nothing. I try to keep my schedule as free as possible so that I can focus soley on that! And ya know what that means? I get kinda a break from the crazy business! So with that said, I'm going to go into it with an amazing attitude of a relaxing week and successful potty training and I'm not going to let anything change that! (yeah right)

Not that you all need to read about every single day in the duckworth life, but it's easier for me that way so that I get it all straight and remember the things I wanted to tell!

I think most of you all know Monday is my Laundry and Cleaning day. From sun up to sun down I book it to get it all done. It's exhausting, but awesome when i don't have to worry about laundry or doing bathrooms for another whole week! I have been doing it this way for years and it really works for me. Well recently Duck has hired me to do some cleanings at his work and I chose Monday since I'm already grubbin it and cleaning all day. But then I started WW and guess what night it is? Monday. And then we have to fit in Dinner and Family HOme Evening in there! Needless to say Mondays have become quite busy but at least I get them out of the way!


Nate said...

Wow, I love looking at the cute pictures of your adorable family, but I can't read 9 posts at once! Space 'em out girlfriend! My small brain doesn't have the capacity for that much info. Love ya!

Julie said...

Hey! Yea, I was out of town when we got the fliers for picture day so I didn't know! So I probably wont be getting pictures cause she wasn't lookin so cute :) Is there a way I could see the ones of Brynlie?? Just to see if it's something I can't possibly live without?