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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Night

sorry I keep doing the slide shows. I had sooooo many pictures this week it was just so much faster this way! Plus, with starting potty training tomorrow I have other things to get ready for than to spend all night on this computer! (which I already have anyway!)

We had such a fun Halloween. WE kept our family party pretty simple since we had SO much else going on this week. WE had our traditional pizza and root beer dinner although Klamath Falls doesn't get Dry Ice anymore so no home made rootbeer this time. WE ate donuts from string, did a little trick-or-treating, and watched a new halloween movie. It was a nice relaxing night which I really needed after such a long week! I even went to be by 9:30!! Amazing. I am going to really enjoy that I can get away with that while my kids are young!

I quickly have to mention too about Jayden and the donut eating. He of course tried to do no hands, gives up quickly, but this time was funny because he got the string stuck in his mouth and wasn't sure how to get it out! Then after removing the string moved to the floor to finish off the donut crumbles there! LOl, that kid keeps me rolling!


Hunsaker said...

those kids must be pro's at eating doughnuts off a stick after so many parties this week! i don't think mine have ever tried that before! mmmmmmm...., but they sure look yummy!

Hunsaker said...

i ment to say a "string" not a stick!