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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star...baby bath

Saturday morning Duck was wonderful and let me sleep in. I had a really rough night, was upa lot with baby and needed a little rest. When I woke up the house was all clean! Even my floor was mopped....what a wonderful suprise! Half my days work was already done for me.

We spent the rest of the morning before DUck left, cutting boys hair and taking baths. Savannah even had her first real bath in the tub! Her cord officially came off and could have a real bath. She liked it until I had to get her out and she was cold! The other day when we had finisehd bathing her and I was putting lotion on her body...she was screaming, much like this day. All the kids were experiencing this with her for the first time. Up to this point they hadn't really heard her cry much so they were almost in shock! Here I was, changing SAvannah on the bed, her crying, all three other kids on the bed surrounding her and Maliyah starts singing Twinkle Little STar. Every day when I put Jayden to bed I sing twinkle little start to him, and lately I have tried to get him to join me and won't. But as Maliyah started singing, and Kyson joined her...so did Jayden! Of course most of the words were incomprehensible, but it was the most precious adorable thing to see all three of my kids singing to their baby sister to soothe her. It's a moment I will never forget! They did it again yesterday and we finally got part of it on video which hopefully I'll post soon!

Happy and content after her bath. OH! And Maliyah was really excited this day because she got to pick out her baby sisters clothes all on her own.




Duck took all these pitures and I didn't even really know there were on the camer until I downloaded them today. I love that all three kids are usually so willing to sit still for a picture. I have gotten so many cute ones lately of them all together!



Dixie Packer said...

that is so sweet!!! ryan has been joining in on "I am a Child of God" lately, and the only words that you can understand are the last word of each line. lol. but it sure is cute.

Hunsaker Family said...

What a cute thing! I'm sad that I missed that!