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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Pajama Bummer!

I had to finish the pajama pants from the birthday earlier this week so Saturday morning I had the kids help me with them. Maliyah picked out the fabric and ribbons, then they both helped with the sewing. They are getting pretty good at it too! They just push the pedal, but it still takes some tricky moves to start, stop and go the right speed!

I wanted to have Maliyah try them on for me so I could take some pictures. Then Kyson came in and wanted to model the pair that he had helped make. I had to laugh, but let him anyway. When I asked him to take them off he got upset and wanted to wear them! When I explained that they were for Emily he was not happy. We then went into my craft room and found some old Car fabric my mom had give me to make a blanket or something and I never had. I told Ky we could make pants AND a matching blanket. He got excited about that. Still though I am laughing....I'm so happy my little boy loves our home making craftiness!


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Amy said...

Those are SO cute!