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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Stampin' UP Card party

Although I went to Enrichment Thursday night and didn't take Savannah with me, Friday night was my first extended night out where Duck would HAVE to use a bottle. She hadn't really taken one before Thurdsay and even then she wouldn't take it from Duck , just a little bit when I tried to feed her when I got home. Well she did great! Duck said she finished off her first bottle just fine and then started a second one but zonked out before finishing too much of it. I gave her another one on Saturday and she struggled a little bit, but I'm glad we are working on it now, becuase when we go on our trips to Utah (or anywhere!) it's nice to know we can use a bottle in the car.

My night out was a 10 for $10.00 stampin up card class. I don't usually do these classes because as cute as the cards are, I'm a simple card person. I like to go for the 20 cards in 20 minutes thing. It took me 2 1/2 hours to finish the 10 cards! But for social reasons and mommy needs some sane time reasons....it was fabulous! (And the cards REALLY are cute). Kimberly joined me for this much needed mommy night out. She was the one that actually called me to do a dinner and pedicure night out (which we still HAVE to do later!), but I had already signed up for the class so I'm SO glad that she could join me! It was really nice, and good for the Daddy's to have that time wtih the kids to!

Here is a picture of the cards we made.


And here is the link to my friend Molly's blog and stampin up website. She is the gal that hosts all these fabulous parties!


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