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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Just my Cute Baby!

These are just a couple cute picutre of my babe! Actually i think it was....thursday? That she wore this super cute outfit and as embarrasing as this is (for me to say), that was the first time so far I had made her matching accessories to match ANY of her clothes. I had up to this point only made her one bow, a white one to match whatever. Of course I had a few other things just laying around that I had used, that's kinda the idea to use maybe stuff I had already, but so sad that she was three weeks and it was the first time!

So it got me going....doen's take much to bring back those addicting juices! And the the following two days I HAD to make matching accessories!

I don't have pictures, but yesterday Duck was gone all day, so I tried to do some fun things with the kids. In the morning we went out to find some horses to pet or feed. The funny part of this story is the one place I saw a horse close to a fence where we coudl reach, was in someones backyard. So I was going ot knock on the door and ask if we could pet it. Well nobody answered but the name on the door was Succo. There is a lady in my ward named Beverly Succo...could this be her house? I made a few phone calls and sure enough it was! Just so ironic that the one hosue I finally decide to stop and ask happens to be someone we know! So we fed and pet the horse for awhile which was super great for Maliyah since she had been waiting to do it for days!

Then last night we went to my friend Angie's house for a movie night. The kids played more than they watched the movie, which normally is odd, but I think they were just too excited to be with friends to actually sit and watch a movie. Heck....so were we! Angie and I talked the whole time!