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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Tiny Tackle...but mostly the lake

This week I didn't really Tackle a Tuesday Project. Well I did a few small ones, and I actually got baby's pants made for her take home outfit, but they aren't quite finished, need a little embellishment so I didn't take a picture yet. Plus last week we finished some adirondack chairs earlier than I expected so I'll have to post those as well. Anyway, this Tuesday after finishing my little sewing project I was headed to the GYm for a little walk, then to take the kids swimming when I remembered that our groups of friends were going to the Lake that day. I totally hadn't planned on it but had been wanting to go forever! Just days and weather hadn't cooperated until now, so we quickly packed up we needed for the lake too! Lucky all 3 kids napped on the way up there because we didn't go until noon, which is really late for us to be starting an activity! It worked out well, they played hard, then napped on the way home. For the most part it was relaxing for me and not too hot. I had to really keep an eye on Jade because he is a little water maniac, but he only went under a few times! Unfortunately I didn't get pictures of this day except one of Jade...and it's a wierd face, but just for the sake of documenting the day and proving we were there....here is Jayden!


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