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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Week Update 6-8 through 6-14-09

We had a pretty good week this week, not too busy with Hafta do things and that made it fun for me to get some long awaited projects done, like cleaning out every toy bin, basket and closet, and some much needed sewing!

It was still somewhat rainy, a little cloudy and a little cold this week so we didn't spend much time outdoors, but had fun with swimming and T-ball.

I also finally planned some fun for me and the kids to do this week so I had something to look forward to instead of being sad I wasn't in New MExico this week as we had originally planned. Tomorrow I'll be taking the kids camping in Medford for two nights and we have a fun and full trip planned including, bowling, Garfield park water play, kids museum and wild life images. It should be a fun adventure and I look forward to getting out with them. Also we will go camping over the weekend with Daddy and kids are REALLY looking forward to that!

Saturday I also got some girl time in, it was much needed. I went to a stampin up party, then to a baby shower. Maliyah did go with me to the baby shower, but it was just nice to go out, sit, not worry about doing anything, planning anything, but just enjoying myself and eating WAY too much garlic bread! The shower was for my friend Kimberly who is due just 3 weeks before me. I can't wait to have our babies together especially because she will be taking maternity leave and we can actually hang out more! I had a friend take pictures of the two of us together (yes belly shots) and as soon as I get those from her I'll post them!

HOpe this update finds you all well and happy. I love looking at pictures and blogs of those who send them, and those who don't....get onto it! We love keeping in touch and hope this blog and these updates have especially helped family feel closer to us!

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