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Sunday, June 14, 2009

A crafty week!

This week I did a lot of crafting, well specifically sewing! It was really fun as I haven't really sewed much in a long time....I guess recently the aprons for Ky's birthday, but honestly I haven't done much since forever ago and that was just quilting! I really haven't branched out in the sewing department other than quilting, ever! So to do the aprons and this week clothes was a big thing! One big reason I started was because
*first - I knew there were easy things out there to make, I just had to figure it out,
*second - becuase Maliyah needed summer clothes and I had a lot of cute fabric just sitting in my craft room that I could use,
*third - I just finally got my sewing Machine serviced so it was working better(although I still think I could use some education on how to use this machine!).

The first day I got two dresses and two skirts done. The skirts were really fun as I had always been afraid of making them....they were soooo easy! The next day I did two more baby skirts, one more for Maliyah, then matching bows and bracelets for the baby skirts, and about 12 fabric flowers to accessorize the skirts, dresses, and t-shirts I was going to get to go with the skirts.

I did the baby skirts because I had some baby gifts to give....and for that reason I'm not posting them on here yet! Becuase I have yet to give them! I'm still trying to find plain white t-shirts to dress up to go with them.

I also spent Friday night crafting, making a diaper cake and come picture blocks for a baby shower gift, then another baby dress. It really turned out cute, but I'm still having issues with my machine and I don't know if I dare give it as a gift. I"m really not a great seamstress and with an old Machine, there are still lots of mistakes! In the mean time though, I'll keep having fun making matching stuff for my girls! I even found some super cute fabric to make a tiered top for maliyah. Not sure how I'm going to make it yet, but I'll figure it out! Here are a couple of what I made, but soon everything else will be posted on my craft blog (which is still under construction so if you look, sorry it's not quite there yet!).

Here are the three dresses:




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Jaime said...

They turned out super cute!! I love them. I can't wait to see what this little girl is gonna look like!