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Sunday, May 24, 2009

UPdate Week 5-18 through 5-24-09

So, I don't have a ton to say because most of anything worth reading is below and at the moment I'm in a hurry and can't remember anything anyway! We had a busy week full of church things, getting back into the swing of things (laundry being much of it!), yard work and just being a mom! DUck was gone a lot between church, driving missionaries, golfing and work so this weekend was really fun to spend some time with him and we look forward to him being home on the holiday tomorrow! Have fun looking at pictures and reading about our week!

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Tiffany Hewlett said...

Your man bouquet is so stinkin creative! Good to know about you being home-schooled! I really feel like it's something that I NEED to do, lots more than WANT to. I have just been totally yelled at(in a still small kind of way) by the spirit that this is the right thing to do for my family. It's good to know an adult that grew up in a homeschool home that is normal and not 'socially weird'.
I just have to roll my eyes at those people who say stuff like that anyway-I think it totally has to do with the kid and the parents, and has nothing to do with where they learned to read and write! Sorry my comments are not usually novels!