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Sunday, May 24, 2009

RAndom pictures

So it's kinda wierd I don't have many more pictures to post, but I geuss when you are still crazy busy trying to just get caught up with life, then you are busy planning a super fun birthday party....your mind just isn't on taking pictures of the moment! Although i need to be better at that. I did a tiny bit, just not a ton. But then again, if I always had a ton of picutres there is NO way I would be able to keep up with this darn blog!

This picture is actually old, but I forgot to post it and it turned out so cute! It was Duck's Anniversary Flower Bouquet! His gift from me was that I would golf a REAL game with him and so I made this as GOLF-IE and MANDLY as I could yet still being a bouquet. I was planning on having it delivered to his work, but he got home earlier than I had planned! I found the flower design online, then drilled holes in the balls, and used my craft wire and green floral tape for all the stems. I was quite happy with the turn out!


This picture I was working on the computer and Jade kept buggin me, so I just sat him on the desk and took a few pictures. He loves looking at them after you take them, and he just laughs and laughs, even if it's not the picture at all! He must have learned that from his siblings!


While I was in Utah I made my first pillow case top. If you haven't seen these before it started in using pillow cases to make dresses, but then of course expanded from there. I had some cute fabric and I wanted to start with a shirt. I finally was able to come home and get ribbon that worked and making a matching bow. It was a rough start, but not too bad of one for my first one and making up my own pattern. Maliyah loves it and I can't wait to make more, be more creative, and get better at it!


One of our Elders, Elder Turner was being transferred this week so we had the Elders over for dinner and of course got his picture with our family. He will be missed but we are looking forward to getting to know the new missionary better at dinner tonight! Duck actually drove two old Elders to Bend, then came back here to pick up three others to take to medford and pick up new ones. It was a long day for him but I'm sure fun to also get to know all those new missionaries coming in.

Kyson was just being silly one day. This is his new silly face...what a goof ball!

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