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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Jumpin Ducks! 4-24-09

AFter our fun visit with friends, we got to drive BACK to Salt Lake and spend the night with Duckworths. We went out to this place called Jumpin’ Jacks (or something like that) and met up with Duck’s brother Gaving, his fiance’ Jessica and the kids, Madi, Hunter and Aspen. Hunter and Aspen are Jessica’s kids and are so cute. It was so much fun to have more cousins! It hit me that night that Steve and Linda are now grandparents of 6 and soon to be 7!! Craziness. We had a really good time though playing together.

This slide was huge and steep and you totally would fly down it!

Here is Jayden going down the BIG slide. It was so funny watching him because he would go so dang fast and seemed so small going down it, but he loved it and went over and over!


Aspen, Maliyah and Jayden

Madi and Kyson

This silly dragon was hilarious to watch the kids play on. They couldn't seem to get more than one on it at a time without making someone fall off! They played on it forever laughing and just being silly. I have the best video that I'll post with the rest of April's videos.

Jayden kept wanting so badly to get a drink and just barely couldn't reach the drinking fountain! I didn't have a cup with me, but when the kids finished their cotton candy we just used the conatiner and then he was happy!.

Jessica, Me, Kyson and Linda

Me (in the background....I actually do make it in some pictures!) Hunter, Jessica, Gavin

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