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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Christmas Day 12-25-08

Christmas morning was of course so much fun! Maliyah had asked for a Kitchen set, and we decided that was something that all three kids would really love so we went for a combo gift. I also had a race car track a friend had given me nearly a year ago when she was cleaning out old toys that we fixed and set up for Kyson. Both were huge hits and the kids loved everything else they got. We try really hard to keep Christmas simple, not spoil and go broke, but go basic and hopefully spend more time focusing on the true spirit….to give. I feel we did pretty good with that this year and it was really sweet to see maliyah so excited to help her brothers open their presents (although she was super excited for her own as well!) They still got spoiled of course because we have grandparents, but I think it was a perfect morning. I think I’m the one that got spoiled the most! We have been in desperate need of new Glasses. The ones we got when we were married have nearly all broken up to this point and so Duck surprised me and got some new ones. What I asked for that I got and was very excited about was a tripod for my camera and a new flat iron. Yay!

Later that Day, around 4:00 PM we headed out on our way to Utah. To avoid weather and bad roads we drove a longer way down through Reno and over across Nevada. It really wasn’t too bad and we got there about 6:00 AM. We had tiny bit of sleep before our family breakfast that next morning at 8:00 AM! Although we were tired, especially Duck, it was a really fun morning. The whole family was there and then we were able to all be there for the blessing of my brothers first baby, Jacob. It was a really fun morning and we were happy we were able to make it at that time.

I think she was happy about her gift from Santa!

Kyson as well couldn't leave the track. It was a little hard for him to figure out to not let them go as fast as they could so they would stay ON the tracks, but I think he finally got the hang of it. Later the missionaries were over and they had fun with it as well!

Jayden loves cars and I have to say I think that was his favorite gift....his 'Cars' cars.

Maliyah being the big helper!

Our Family exchanges names, like lots of families do, but one thing we do a little different is that our gifts have to be hand made. Our money limit used to be $5.00 (but not when we were kids, just as we got older the gifts started to be a little more elaborate and expensive!) but this year went up to $5-10. That was nice because it allowed us a little bit more fun with the projects. Mine was still waiting for me in Utah, but my Dad had Duck and made him this tool peg board and sent along the pegs as well for to hold his tools.

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