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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Random Creations

These pictures are just a few things that I had fun creating this week. If you ever want to see more, or more detailed pictures I post all my crafts and stuff I make on my other blog:

It's just a fun website for my sister and I to post the crazy stuff we make or sell.

This is just a brown gift bag I decorated. I saw this idea on line and then that same day had the opportunity to try it! I think it turned out super cute, think i'll be doing it a lot more!

I had a friend who recently requested a bunch of bows. Most of them normal 4" bows, but then she wanted one very laaarge bow. In practice since I never make large bows, I made this Halloween one for Maliyah

This is the pink one that I ended up with for my friend. It's shown on a headband, but it's just on a clip.

This is my new model. I only have one baby sized head in this family and Duck doesn't really love it when I used Jade for modeling my bows!

Just a few more bows I made for this friend.

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