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Sunday, October 26, 2008

My Hair cut 10/24/08

I got my hair cut actually like forever ago...nearly two months ago and have been meaning to take pictures, but just hadn't thought about it. I still don't love this picture because it was taken by a 4 year old, and I didn't have much make-up and I did my hair in like five minutes, but that's one reason I love this hair cut. It's so fast to do my hair! Yay! It's the shortest I have ever had it....EVER! I cut it short right before I had Kyson, but this was probably about 1-2 inches shorter and the back was waaaay short. Again that was two months ago so it's grown in a lot and I'm already for it to be cut again.

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Hunsaker Family said...

not too bad of a picture if a 4 year old took it! your cute!