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Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Packer Family Reunion Starts! 8-30-08

One of the reasons I came to Utah was we were having a Packer Family Reunion. All my dads family were invited to come and spend the weekend with us in Layton Utah! We started our reunion with a trip to

This is the Place Heritage Park.

It used to be just a monument, representing the time when Brigham Young and the mormon pioneers declared "This is the Place" here in utah, what became Salt Lake City. Then a few years ago, they really expanded to make it a whole park, restoring and keeping alive the culture of the Utah Pioneers.

There were games and activities for the kids to do, many old homes to visit, old trades to learn about, a petting farm, horse rides, and Train rides. It was really fun and all the kids really had a good time.

We had so many pictures, and these are just a fraction of them, but I'm going to put them in a few different posts to help save me in uploading time! (between Photoshop and blogger I feel all I do is upload and save!)

Little stream in the petting farm that all the kids were cooling their feet off in!

Although cooper may not look so excited on this horse, janine just looked so dange cute! you go girl!

Tossing Penny's onto plates. They are glass and can I tell you it was a hard came! All the penny's bounced right off the plates!

Each game or activity had a pioneer worker and when they finished a game they got salt water taffy...of course!

Janin'es little boy cooper.

One of the activities was whipping the dirt out of rugs. I think this was Kyson's fav, although I didn't get a picture of him doing it!

some of the other activities included making corn husk dolls, hand washing clothing and hanging them on a line to dry, and watering the garden.

Jade with my little brother Austin

This is the original This is the Place Monument

Although a great lesson, I have a hard time just thinking about those pioneers and what they went through to get here. They are my heritage, my past and also my future, because with out them my life wouldn't be at all what it is now. They were persecuted and driven from their homes, forced to head west, hoping for freedom from religious perecution....the right to worship as they believe. Hundreds, and thousands died....babies, children, women, men. The stories I have heard my whole life, how they have touched me personally. I cant' even imagine what they went through and I am so grateful for their sacrifices so that we, as Latter Day Saints can have the life and the truth that we now have.


Herways Go West said...

Love the pictures. Thanks for sharing. The group shot even included Seth and Dan and Tom...buggers weren't there for any of the others!

The Gibson's said...

we usually go there every year and we haven't done it this year. Maybe I will remember to take the trip next year. Great pictures and a lot of fun

Kelly said...

Great pictures! Looks like so much fun!