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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Herway kids 8-30-08

This post is for Lara....so I hope you like these pictures! Since you couldn't be there at the park, and mom took some dang cute picutres of your kids....I had to share them all with you! If you want full quality of these photo's my mom can send them to you.

Lara is my cousin Dan's wife. They live in salt Lake and have the cutest little family. Not picutures is their new 5 week old baby Daniel Brauer.

Zane on the horse

Zane and Maliyah digging through the candy.

Daphne (sorry if I get any spellings wrong!)

This picture is of Scralet and Grandma Grape. Grandma got that name when her first two great grandkids couldn't say Great Grandma Packer, so they said Grandma Grape! It stuck! Grandma Packer is also known by Gram Cracker!

Zane in the comfort of his Daddy's Arms!


Herways in Brussels said...

This may be for Lara...but I want copies as well! Man, these are great. I have to say, if you get a good one of Zane you have really got a prize, and I love the one of Zane. All of them are super.
Oh, and Grandma Grape came because of GREAT grandma, then Grape grandma, then grandma grape. Isn't that darling (from Austin and Ashes)

Heidi said...

so much fun.. I love all the pictures you got of all the kids. Your great. Of course you can stop by and see us. We'll be in a mess, as we don't move till the 11th,but feel free to stop by. I'll email you our address and new phone number.

natalie said...

Great pictures. Thanks for sharing!

La said...

Beautiful pictures. Thank you so much for the post. I had a blast seeing you and your kids. Call us next time you are in town.
P.S. Renee, please email me copies of the pictures. laraherway@yahoo.com