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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Pink Mountains 8-27-08

On the way driving to Utah, after about 10 hours of being in the car(ugh) I noticed the mountains looked a little pink! I pointed them out to Maliyah and this was her reply:

"Ooooh Mom! I just love pink mountains so much!"

It was as if she had seem them many time before and that it was one of her most favorite things int he world! I had to laugh and then of course take pictures of the mountains that don't really look all that pink in this picture!

Shortly after the mountain incident....and after about 11 hours of driving! (actually probably closer to 12) the kids were giggling in the back. They had officially reached the over tired, over driven, and completely not sane stage and were just uncontrollably laughing at anything! This is also when I discovered Maliyah had undone the top of her buckle to help Jade and forgot to re-buckle! whoopsey!

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