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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Wild Life Images 8-15-08

This Campground we stayed at has programs all through the weekend and one of them they had this weekend was a group called Wild Life Images. They are a wild life refugree and protection program in Grants Pass. They showed off some of their birds that they have their. Typically the animals there are animals either bred in captivity or captured, wounded and need some where to stay. Some animals they are able to set free, but most of the time it’s animals that wouldn’t be able to survive on their own so they stay there. They aren’t a government funded program and rely purely on donations. After seeing their display we really wanted to take the kids out for a tour, but the next one was after we were leaving. We are for sure going to remember them for the future!
Wild Life Images

Did you know a Owl can turn it's head 270 degrees!!

A Bald Eagle

While Camping it was so hot and disturbing everywhere for Jade to take a nap, this is how he usually did it!

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