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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Childrens Museum 8-16-08

Since we couldn't go to Wild Life Images, we packed up after camping and went back into medford to go the childrens Museum. We had tried to go once before, but it was closed so we were excited this time to be able to actually go in! Although not quite as fantastic as the Tree House Museum in Ogden Utah, this one was really great!
There was plenty to do, we didn't even get to do it all, and the kids really could have stayed longer. Jayden just only lasts for so long before he gets tired, but I also had to be back to Klamath for a Primary Thing.
Click on my title to see more about this Museum...never know when you might be in the area and need something fun for the kids to do!
Maliyah Playing Grocery Store with Dad
Jayden playing in the giant Lego House that we built.

Maliyah playing in the toddler area that she was technically too old to be playing in!

Jayden playing in the toddler area. He loves this place and was absolutely having a ball! Get it?......a ball!! Ha! I'm so funny...Okay so I'm really not

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Hunsaker Family said...

I can't believe how big jayden is getting, it will be fun to see him and coop together, now that they are both so mobile!