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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Camping - the Rogue River 8-15-08

The best part of this camping trip was when we finally found a safe swimming spot on the river. The Rogue River is a very large river and very fast river. Lots of river rafting, but probably due to all the snow from this last winter, a lot more water and more rapids. There have been many deaths on that river this year.

We were able to find a little nook that didn’t have any current and was perfect for the kids to play in. It was cold…ice cold! And it was perfect! It had been so hot, I could have stayed in that water all day! It was a little too cold for Jayden, he didn’t care to sit in it for too long, but he loved splashing in it, being in the shade and being cool for once!

Kyson spent a lot of time trying to find the perfect Rocks! Then he would hand them to Duck and tell Duck how to throw them...high, low far...this way that way. It was pretty funny.

Jayden and maliyah playing in the muddy sand!

If anybody out there other than Kitty or danielle have heard of the Oregon Vortex...I would be suprised, but apparently it's a "world famous" attaction. Wierd things that cannot be explained happen there, and they use a house, called the House of Mysetery, so do tours and show what can happen. Things like a ball or water that rolls and trickles up hill. Two people that can appear different sizes standing on a level floor.....wierd stuff like that.
We were going to take the kids but decided thatwould be boring for them and would have to go on our own some time.


Hunsaker Family said...

looks like camping was lots of fun! it is kind of cool that we were camping at the same time! come to find out, nate and dixie were too!

Jeff and Karman said...

Fun Times! Ohmygosh, your kids are so stinkin cute! I love how you black and white some of your photos...I need to figure out how to do that....