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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Happy Fathers Day! 6-15-08

Happy Fathers Day Duck!!

Fathers Day was a little crazy because we had just gotten back from Driving all night from Utah, and having a full Saturday, but I was determined to not let that, or being in the primary presidency get in the way! So to make sure that Duck could still sleep in, not have to worry about kids, or do dishes, I didn't plan any meetings or visits, stayed up late Saturday night and got up way too early Sunday morning to have everything in order. I wasn't still completely unpacked from the trip, but I did my best! WE had a great breakfast....all of Duck's favorites, then enjoyed nice long naps in the afternoon. We had a wonderful dinner then gave Duck his gifts. A fishing book...duh, then Maliyah and I had made him a box. A daddy box, for his wallet, phone, pocket knife....all those things that he never quite knows where to put....they now have a box! It's perfect, I like the way it looks, and MOST of the time he uses it!

The rest of these pictures are just from the day, Jayden of course and his cute smiles, Maliyah with Duck from giving his fathers day gifts, flowers picked from our yard for a fathers day bouquet....kyson riding blackie, and then a picture with an elder that was leaving the area.

Elder little...he was sad to leave Klamath Falls, only had 6 weeks left on his mission and was pretty sure they wouldn't transfer him for just 6 weeks, so when they did he was pretty disspointed!


Jenny said...

You are such a good mom and your kids are adorable! It's good to be in touch with you!

The Duckworth Family said...

Thanks Jenny! It's been fun to be in touch with you again as well!