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Sunday, July 6, 2008

It's good to be home! 6-17-08

All Smiles!!

It's very rare that I can get a picture with all kids looking, let alone get a smile out of all of them! But it was so cute that they were all playing together on the couch and not fighting!
(okay so they actually don't fight all that often...they play really well!)

Another Fun Project~!

I had a friend move into a new place and she wanted some help decorating before company came to visit. This is just one of the many craft projects we did for her house. It's nearly a 5 foot shelf for her kitchen.

My baby was tired!!!

Jayden was just playing on the floor of the family room, the other two kids were napping, and when I walked into the room after a few minutes, he had fallen asleep! My poor baby!


The Petrini Post said...

Yeah, you have a blog...I know you say it's more work than you thought, but once you get it done, it's so worth it! Keep it up! Besides, it's so much easier to read your comments with each photo underneath. I think the blog looks fabulous!!! Take care and say hello sometime!

The Petrini Post said...

P.s. There is a way to set up your blog so that is sends you all the comments made on your blog directoy to your email to read. I don't remember exactly how, but in the settings page, it allows you to set it up. It's fun...it's like getting more emails. :)

The Gibson's said...

I think you are being to hard on yourself about this. It looks great. There are somethings I can help you with but It would be better on the phone. call me