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Monday, April 8, 2013


Duck was taking a picture of the girls and immediately they ran back to look at their picture. I had them do it again, it was too cute!

4-7-13 (6)xs

It was Jamie’s birthday over the weekend and we never got a chance to visit him ON his birthday, so we stopped by Sunday night to visit and bring him his presents.  It was a little chilly, but a nice night! The boys had fun running around and playing with Jamie’s new thing, while the girls explored and played hide and seek in the backyard.

4-7-13 (21)xs
4-7-13 (26)xs

This girl LOVES hide and seek!  She’s getting pretty good at counting because of it.

4-7-13 (27)xs
4-7-13 (36)x
4-7-13 (51)xs
4-7-13 (53)xs    4-7-13 (57)xs

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