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Monday, April 8, 2013

April Fools!!!

April 1st we were invited to join in an April Fools dinner with some friends.  Ooooh yummy! Sara really out does herself on April 1st, oh the stuff she does for her kids! So fun!

Here was the menu:
Dinner:  Grilled Cheese Sandwhiches (pound cake and frosting!)
Dessert:  Strawberry Pie (Meatloaf pie topped with mashed potatoes!)

The kids had to blindly reach in a bag for their ‘cup’, ‘plate’, and ‘utensils’.  The kids were great sports using their spatulas, bowls, tongs and bottles!


We have had a lot of rain in the past week which is abnormal for us!  I actually felt like we lived in Oregon! Everything is turning green, it’s aweswome! (except for the snow we got last night!)

One day after school we went on a walk in the rain.  The kids were super excited to use their umbrella’s, rain boots, and coats, that just spend all year sitting on shelves and hanging in closets!

4-1-13 (5)xxs

This was just the week after Potty Training, so Emma was still running around pants-less.  Why put pants on? 

4-1-13 (31)xs

4-1-13 (37)xs

4-1-13 (42)xs

Savannah was mad at me about something (a perfect time to catch her cute pouty face) but then she was mad I was taking a picture of her mad.  Lol, so we got her hiding behind her umbrella.

4-1-13 (45)xs

This girl is such a crack up!!!

4-1-13 (60)xs

4-1-13 (71)xs

4-1-13 (76)xs

This last weekend we had our dates with the kids.  I got to have my date with Maliyah!  We decided to go on a PHoto Walk and then spend some reading time together. She doesn’t have her own camera like Ky, so most of the time she used mine. I would show her different idea, teach her a bit about depth of field…and then let her get creative. At this point I don’t exactly remember which pictures were hers and mine, but it doesn’t matter….we had a great time together!


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