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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Austin & Emma {Wedding Photographer}

(I thought I had already posted this, but apparently not because it was in my drafts)

 I have lots I could say about all these pictures.  I love these two. So much.  I love everyone in all these pictures. My Grandpa Wood Performed the sealing, my Aunt Suzanne was Emma’s Bridal Attendant, I knew EVERY single person in that sealing room.  What a neat experience.  Getting to know Emma’s family was amazing and getting to know her better was even more amazing. I am so happy for those two, for the choices they have already made at this, their new beginning, and I love looking at these pictures because they are great reminders of such a wonderful time.  Enjoy.
Wedding Dinner

DSC_0094x   DSC_0128x

DSC_0187x   DSC_0220x

Pre-wedding pictures


DSC_0425x  DSC_0439x

DSC_0376c   DSC_0412x

The Happy couple!


DSC_0567x   DSC_0633x DSC_6349xx DSC_6350xx

Catching the photographer at work!


The Reception


DSC_0720xxx   DSC_0896xx 


DSC_0011x   DSC_0040x


DSC_0055x   DSC_0079x



Love you Austin & Emma!

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