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Sunday, December 30, 2012


I’m going to keep this brief. It’s late and I’ve had a hard time getting these to post.  Here’s a run down of our December!
Emma Got another haircut!  I love it!  These pictures remind me of some Duck’s Dad got of him when he was about the same age.
12-1-12 (5)x 12-1-12 (7)x
Early December we had Duck’s company party. We had it at the Sports Complex and it was perfect! We have 14 kids between the 4 employees.
12-1-12 (18)xx
Dinner with friends and our Positive Notes Recital!
12-2-12 (1)x 12-4-12 (3)x
We had some nice weather and played outside before the snow came!  Jayden learned to ride his bike without training wheels!
12-3-12 (3)xx 
We headed up to Utah for my brother Austin’s wedding and spent a night in Boise at my cousin Becky’s house on the way. The kids had a BLAST and got along really well. We’ll have to do that more often!
12-8-12 (7)xx
Family homemade gift exchange.  I had my dad and made him a Photo Collage for his office of all 18 grandkids.  It turned out really cute and the photo lad made a mistake and mailed the first one to my house (of course reprinted one for us there) and so now I have one here too!  Duck had Dixie and made a little decor thing for her house.
DSC_0278x DSC_0284x
Jordan had me and his gift was mailed to my house so he  Larissa wrote a fun poem telling about this gift that will come from Australia.  I came this last week and it was a calendar using photo’s from our Sunday BEst! I love it!
Janine had Duck and made him a fort kit…super cute!!
DSC_0288x DSC_0291x

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