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Sunday, December 30, 2012


While we were in Utah we were able to have a little Christmas lunch and gift exchange with Gavin and Jess.  At one point the kids were wanting to take pictures with my camera, so I told them they each get two shots and they have to get a picture something red, and something green.  This first picture was my favorite of the ones they captured.  The next one was me showing them how to focus the camera and it just turned out cool!

12-15-12 (23)x 12-15-12 (30)x

I think Emma was more excited about Jax’s toy than he was!

12-15-12 (40)x

A fun part about leaving our trip, was knowing that in just 5 days we would be seeing Grandma and Grandpa Duck! They flew out here for Christmas and we started out with a bang…getting messy with Gingerbread houses! 

It was really fun that some of the kids are finally getting old enough to do this stuff on their own. They did a really good job and I even got to make one myself!  Later we went caroling and delivered the houses to some friends in the ward.


It was kinda blizzarding the Sunday morning before church so getting a picture of the kids wasn’t very easy.  All the other pictures you can barely see the kids because of the snow falling so heavily!  I also stopped in the nursery to get a picture of the four girls. We never did an 18 month picture so this will have to do!

12-23-12 (5)x 12-23-12 (26)xx

This hair picture might not be necessary, but it was a good reminder to warn you all….if you are using epoxy. Don’t get it in your hair.  I have a few extra bangs now.

Christmas Eve Day Grandpa wanted to take the kids to do something, so even though he wasn’t feeling well, we all went bowling.  As you can see Emma was impressed by something!

12-24-12 (4)x 12-24-12 (12)x 12-24-12 (30)xx 12-24-12 (58)xx

Christmas Eve afternoon I was able to steal away for a few minutes while kids were napping to go visit some of my favorite little girls.  I hadn’t seen them in weeks and it just made my Christmas to be able to hold, kiss and love on them!

12-24-12 (105)x

Christmas Eve we have a few traditions. One is the kids always get new Christmas Pj’s. This year was a little different though. I usually make pj pants, but before our trip to Utah I was feeling overwhelmed with all there was to do and not having enough time to just spend with my kids. So instead of me making them PJ pants, I decided to spend a day making them WITH the kids!  They might not have turned out as well, and taken 5x’s as long to get done, but I was able to spend time with each of my kids doing it.

They also each get a new ornament to put on the tree, and we each make a homemade gift for someone else and give it on Christmas Eve.  I think I love this part of Christmas THE most.  The kids love thinking about another family member, and they get so giddy making something that they think their parent or sibling will love!  Even if it’s a gingerbread house or a paper airplane!  This is a tradition I picked up from my family  (and we still do!) and it will be the ONE tradition I think we will continue to make sure we do yearly. 

12-24-12 (127)xx 12-24-12 (121)xx 

We also act out a live Nativity. I didn’t really get any pictures of it (just video) but my father in law did.  The kids really love that too and I know as they get older it will get more and more fun (and hopefully spiritual) rather than chaotic. 

12-24-12 (110)x

Grandma also presented the kids with a Christmas Eve present. A book, The Night Before Christmas, and it’s one of those books you can record yourself reading the story.  So now the kids can listen to Grandma read to them EVERY day! And they have, they LOVE the book. Thanks Linda!

12-24-12 (144)x

This Christmas was a wonderful one. It was so fun having family here, but also to just have the time off to spend together. We were lazy all day Christmas, playing with toys…having a yummy Christmas breakfast (tradition passed from my Dad) and just playing together.  We even went to the church in the afternoon to ride their new bikes and play with the remote control cars that ALL The boys got. Yes, that includes Grandpa.

12-25-12 (10)x 12-25-12 (14)x 12-25-12 (17)xx

12-25-12 (66)x

Probably one of the FUNNEST things about Christmas this year? WE finally had SNOW! We haven’t had a white Christmas in probably 5 years and it was awesome!  The kids had been sick, but finally this week their colds were in check and I let them go wild out in the snow…and THEY did! They built 3 snowmen!  Can’t wait to go Sledding on New Years!~

12-27-12 (7)x

I had our Christmas Card picture I was going to post, but I can’t seem to find where it is! I had taken it on the thumb drive to Utah, to edit and order and I think I never put it on the computer.  I’ll have to look for it and post next week!

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