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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Update {Sunday Best}

Notta lot going on this week. Working hard on school, taking pictures and just trying to keep up with it all! I realized I didn't even really take any pictures for fun either.  I tried yet another attempt to take pictures of all 5 kids for my wall. although there might be a decent one...this time I'm unhappy with myself and where I set them up.  Why do I have to be so dang picky?  I need to just be happy with what I have, but I guess when I spend the money to put a big print on my wall, I want it to look GREAT!

I did however chase the kids around while they were playing (after group pictures) and take a few shots of them individually.  Emma really is my tough one right now. She could care less to get her picture taken. 

And here's our Sunday Best. This morning we had to stop on the way to church and say a prayer. That's what kind of morning we had. But my day certainly improved from then on. Gotta love the Sabbath!

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