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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Spiritual Enlightenment!

The day before coming back to Klamath Falls, my sister Janine and I were able to attend the temple thanks to our Angel sister Becca who watched all 8 kids. It's not something that I get to do nearly as often as I would like and I really appreciate when I can make it work due to others unselfish acts!

After the temple we had lunch downtown Salt Lake and then visited the Relief Society Resource Building on Temple Square. I needed some guidance and help with my new calling in Primary and they have such people to help me! It was a great visit, I felt a lot of encouragement and support.

There were two quotes on the walls that touched me and I thought I would share here:


This next one might be hard to read so I'll type it in "Creative, innovative sharing times and [other] activities can be stimulating and fun, but they don't mean much if the children...come away having been entertained but not really enlightened, taught the gospel, or lifted spiritually...Every lesson, every meeting, and every activity should be focused on bringing these little ones to Christ."  (M. Russell Ballard, 'Great Shall Be the Peace of Thy Children.' Ensign April 1994, 61; Teaching No Greater Call, 117)


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