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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Week Update (well two weeks) {Sunday Best}

Last week I didn't post much of Mothers Day. But it really was a special day and I appreciate a time when I can just sit and enjoy my kids. That doesn't happen very often. I know some people have issues with it (MOthers Day) a time to honor mothers and that is only  happens on a specific day, once a year. Well....I love Mothers Day. I feel like my husband and family show me plenty of times on a regular basis their appreciation to me, but to have one day, set aside where they honor me, and let me do whatever I want is awesome. I love it. So sad to those that can't just enjoy the day and run with it. Poor pathetics. Go cry a river cause at this house it was quite enjoyable!

Maliyah and the kids had wrapped up about 10 different notes and presents. Getting some of them open was quite tricky!  We are now out of tape.

I love that she has no idea that this is upside down!

One of my favorite things EVER!  My baby's open mouth kisses.

Being a mom might be challenging, I might have more tear my hair out days than not, it's exhausting and never ending work, but it's also the best work I could EVER be given. It's what I've wanted all my life and I've been soooo blessed with the full time job of motherhood. 

Here's our Sunday best for the last two weeks.

I love this picture...how they are all interacting, patiently waiting for me to get my camera setting ready.  Although my kids fight like normal siblings, I think homeschool has also allowed them the opportunity to become very good friends.  I'm so grateful that they like each other so much!

This morning started Duck's new calling as Ward Mission Leader. That means he is leaving at about 6:45 Sunday morning for meetings. That means Sunday morning is left up to me....we might have more late days than early ones, maybe not! But it's okay. I'll keep trying to get the hang of Sunday Best by 8:30!!! (And then once I do get the hang of it, it will be next year and church will be at 11!!)

I just loved this...she was mad because she couldn't touch the next step with her feet, thus feeling a little tipsy where she was sitting.

This is the picture I meant to post last time and somehow didn't.

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